Nov 20, 2021

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Letter to learners: DHAMAR NAME FROM GURU IS A SPIRITUAL GIFT (Pháp danh từ Đạo sư là một món quà tâm linh)

Dear learners, I am happy to congratulate you for finishing the course of Mind Transformation. 6 months is not long compared to the whole life. But I believe that 6 months is long enough to prove your kindness, your diligence and your effort to learn Buddhism in general, and Pure Mind Dharma in particular. I am touched with your presence in the class every two weeks and your attention to learning Dharma. I would like to bestow upon you the Dharma name as a spiritual gifts, which connect you and me. The Dharma name is my heartfelt Dharma gift for you to encourage you on the path of enlightenment with the pray that you make progress on the spiritual life and get much successful in your life. In your life, you may get many Dharma names from different Gurus on the path of enlightenment. Do not worry about it. The

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