Jan 28, 2013

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SPRING FOREVER (Xuân miên viễn)

SPRING FOREVER (Xuân miên viễn)          At this time, when the spring is coming, the weather is so great. It makes everybody to be happy, easy and excited about new things in the new year. In these days many years ago, I often went shopping for new clothes, cleaned my house, prepared for the New Year. I love this moment. But time goes by, I regret every spring coming and passing. So I always wonder how to keep the spring of my life? I looked for this for many years, but it’s so hard to find out the satisfied answer.          This coming New Year, my husband and I are enjoying the spring atmosphere together.  We’re one of the happiest couples in this world, because we’re also dharma friend of each other. We share the joy of life, help each other to become better, and especially, we prepare for

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