Mar 20, 2018

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Letter from India: Through Kasi Bharadvaha Sutta, reflecting on the significance of Guru’s teachings. (Thư từ Ấn Độ: Từ kinh người cày ruộng cảm niệm về lời dạy của Thầy)

Revd. Holy Gurujee Charan sparsh Tantra Sutradaka and Vajra brothers are listening to Guru’s sermon I was trying to read this paper for several daysbut because of domestic engagement particularly with my grand daughter could allow me to complete it many time I had to leave the half read paper. Only because of the mild but repeated reminder of my friend Rose Tran I could read it as it cultivated in me an urge to read it. I am thankfull to him who not only provided an occasion to read your paper but also cultivated an inclination in me to go through the Buddha’s teachings. In this way I consider him my Kalyanmitta. Guurujee before I present my opinion on this wonderful paper  i would like to mention two things (I) It reminds me the Buddha’s Diolog in Kasi Bhardwaj Sutta where in he has equeted the holy path with

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