Mar 28, 2018

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Letter from India: WATER OR BLOOD? (Nước hay máu?)

Revered Guru Jee Om Mani Padme Hum By your grace and pious thoughts of my friend, for me, I could overcome of my agony and mental brooding.  I am free of my delusion and doubts as well as physical inertia. I submitted the rest of my comment that were deleted. Though, I could not recreate the original one as the momentary stream of thought never comes back. Since, one cannot bath in the same river twice, in the same way one cannot reproduce the same thoughts twice. My thoughts are also not static. Hence I thought it proper to complete the comments of letter No. 219 that was left undone, due to restrain and constrain of time and the existing situation. Revered Guru, I am thankful to you for being kind enough for sending this letter to me as it leads one to clear the mist of one’s ignorance through

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