Aug 7, 2017

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Letter to Disciples 216: “…THE RAINS PASSING BY..” (“Những chuyến mưa qua…”)

Letter to Disciples 216: “…THE RAINS PASSING BY..” Dear Disciples! I and Mat Dieu took a short rest in a cafe in Ham Tan district, Binh Thuan province. A heavy rain suddenly poured down along with whirlwind. Surfing on the internet, I knew that the heavy rain occured due to the effects of the storm No.4 which was expanding from Thanh Hoa to Quang Tri. After 1 hour, the rain stopped and we decided to continue the journey. Then, another heavy rain suddenly happened.  It seems to tease people. I still kept staying leisurely on the hammock. Thus, I realized the difference between the first rain and the second rain: the first rain seems like a girl who was getting jealous furiously with god of wind, while the second seems like a girl who was frolicking with the ground to cool the world. That might be the reason why the

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