Dec 12, 2015

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Lesson 9: Attaching to dharma resulting from clinging to ego (Chấp pháp vì chấp ngã)

  Right Buddhist teachings, wrong method of Dharma practice Lesson 9: Attaching to dharma resulting from clinging to ego Before referring to the essence of Renunciation, we study the teachings of the logician Dharmakirti: 1 / Know exactly all objects which require to be dismissed 2 / Know thoroughly many methods to abandon them 3 / Know exactly all objects which need practicing 4 / Know perfectly all methods to practice them 5 / Transmit knowledge to students with compassion The first two sentences say clearly the nature of “renunciation” cures the practitioner’s greed and ignorance which are the enemy of Buddhist wisdom including detachment. I will make clarification about this. The logician Dharmakirti (Luận sư Dharmakirti) A Buddhist who has prominent greed wants all Buddhist teachings to become his spiritual assets. Just as a bowl of rice contains many kinds of  viands which are mixed together into one dish

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