Mar 12, 2018

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Lesson 19: THE ACADEMIC ANALYSIS OF THE GUIDANCE OF PRACTICING TIBETAN DHARMA (Tính học thuật trong Nghi quỹ hành trì giáo pháp Mật tông)

Right Buddhist teachings, wrong method of Dharma practice Lesson 19: The academic analysis of the guidance of practicing Tibetan Dharma. In this lesson, I would like to analyze the academics of the guidance of Tibetan practice which has been applied in Song Nguyen Tantra House for ages. The guidance divides into 3 parts (introduction, main body and conclusion), the same as the rituals of recitation in other Buddhist sects. However, there is a little bit different from them, the guidance of Tibetan practice applies the three ultimate means to create the three-legged cradle as the basis for the three essentials of enlightenment. (1) Renunciation (2) Bodhicitta (3) Emptiness. The guidance is practiced in holy space, not applicable in the daily living environment. I / AN ANALYSIS FOR LAYOUT practicing Dharma in holy space According to the teachings of the accomplished master Dilgo Khyentse in his book “Dharmma for Enlightenment,” the

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