May 24, 2018

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FATAL MISINTERPRETATIONS BY JIN YONG’S WRITINGS (Những ngộ nhận chết người bởi ngòi bút của Kim Dung)

  Guru is my guide Buddha is my life Dharma is my way Sangha is my Spirit Respected Guruji, I bow my head at the lotus feet of Guruji. At the outset,  I want to interrogate myself—Am I  like Jin yong in writing my comments in  ?     Some writers  or novelists in the world are known for their writing by their  perverted  intellect and crooked art of writing. !  They turn a small heap of stones into a big mountain Himalaya.  They turn a small waterfall into a big Nayagarafalls .!. Also they turn a mouse into a Tiger and vice versa.!.  One such Novelist  is the character of a novelist  Jin Yong ! narrated in this Article  who tries to cause confusion about the logistics and scientific aspects of percepts in Buddhism.! Wrong images built by Jin Yong        More worse  is that Jin

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