Mar 4, 2019

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Experience as a learner of Pure Mind Buddhism (Trải nghiệm của người học trò học yoga Thanh Trí)

Experience as a learner of Pure Mind Buddhism Our Reverend Holy Guru I bow before your lotus feet. Om Mani Padme Hum Gurujee, I am happy to narrate my personal experiences after becoming a learner of Pure Mind Buddhism. Though it is difficult for me to incorporate all the changes occurred in me, slowly and stealthily, in minute detail as plethora of changes take place every day owing to the change of perspective, place, preaching, people and the mental programming. I was at fix what to write and what not to write. Pondering on the problem in hand I slept. By 06 A M in the morning it was my morning walk time. It was dark but the routine had to be followed. My inner, sweater, blazer, muffler, cap and woolen pant were sufficient to ward off the chilly weather still I was shivering. After crossing about one Kilometer, some

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